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  • Tutorial: Implementing Google+ API using OAuth 2.0 in PHP

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    Posted by Tebe Tensing on Nov 15, 2011 in Web Designing | 25 comments
    On September 15, 2011 Google released Google+ APIs to public. Google+ API is a programming interface to Google+. With the help of this API users can integrate apps or websites with Google+. Currently, Google+ API is in the initial stages of its development. It is not yet a full-fledged API that can support almost anything like Facebook API. Even Google+ itself is not full-fledged Social Network like its rival Facebook. Google engineers are adding more and more features to it, day by day. Recently Google+ Pages was launched which helps to build relationships with your users, encouraging them to spend more time engaging with your content. 25 labs have set up a Googl ... [leer más]

  • Tersus: Home

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    Tersus is a Visual Programming Platform for creating rich web and mobile applications.Simply draw flow diagrams and Tersus will bring your application to life.Tersus is open source. 
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    Tersus in IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages, September 19?21 2011, Pittsburgh
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