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  • IHeart Organizing: October Featured Space: Kitchen - Glasstacular!

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    I definitely wasn't kidding when I said we had some additional organizing to do in our cocina de Jones.
    Take this glass cabinet for example!
    Not only is there some mis-matched glassware, but again, we were bursting at the seems and having to stack mugs upon one another....
    I decided the biggest problem was all of our vino glasses.  And then I decided we needed some of these: Simple under cabinet wine glass holders.
    But I didn't want to put them under our cabinets, since our kitchen already feels quite small and I feared it would look slightly cluttered.
    Remember when we installed our two floating shelves in our kitchen?
    Bingo, perfect spot for some wine glass storage.  Since I was already stashing some sippy beverages there anyway!
    So some ... [leer más]
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